December 1, 2022

Package Stuffing For Cash – What You Need to Know About It

Envelope stuffing for cash has been around intended for quite some years now. But lately, it is making a comeback. To read more on 정보이용료 현금화 take a look at our own page.
The thing on many peoples mind is, could they be a real legitimate offer, or is it a scam? So what exactly is this package stuffing for cash. Well, let’s look at it as a whole to better understand what it is.

This is what they will claim you will need to do. First, you need to pay them a small fee to join them. As soon as you pay out them that fee, you are created their database, and you become an “agent” for them. After that, they will either send you an e-mail or send you a real letter. What you need to do will be either print out the e-mail version, or photocopy the letter version.

Next you are required to send letters that contains the copy of the information a person obtained, to as many real addresses as you possibly can. For each letter that you send, they will pay you a small commission payment. In some cases, they will even provide you with the details of real people for you to deliver to.

Although there are a few different types of variations to the envelope stuffing with regard to cash, the basis of it is the exact same. You will need to pay them a small charge to join and then they will send you several information for you to send to other people. It sounds simple enough. But is it actual and legit?

Sorry to tell you, this is not legit. Yes, it is a rip-off. So why is it a scam? Let’s take a look at a few things here. The first thing we should look at is, what they are asking you to perform. Now sending an envelope to someone is not against the law. So is delivering promotional envelopes. But what if the information is not legit, for example the contents when the letters are spam or misleading information? Automatically, it becomes illegal. You might end up on the wrong side from the law for this.

The second thing is, how can they trace the number of envelopes a person sent? If you do send out 100 envelopes a day, how are you going to prove this? Take pictures? I don’t think so. There is no receipt for sending normal mail, unless you are using an expensive services. But that would mean that the commission rate you earn is much less how the amount you are paying for each envelope sent.

I have noticed a few of them that will uses a different type of strategy. You might only earn a commission based on the number of people who contacted them back, from the letters that you sent. It makes sense in terms of tracking the amount of commission you will definitely earn. But automatically, it doesn’t actually make it seem like a good source of income anymore. if you were to send 100 envelopes a day, but only five of these replied, would that make for a good income source? Would it even cover the price of sending all those envelopes?

Please, certainly not join them. I would like to replicate that, envelope stuffing for cash is illegal. So unless you are prepared to get in trouble with the law, please do not attempt this scam.

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