November 29, 2022

Cost management and Cash Management

Budgeting or financial planning involves price the amount of income and the expenses of the coming financial year. This is important in that it helps in the management of goods. With the ability to make an enterprise to know what it can and can not be able to perform together with its achievements at the same time.

The budget should be in a position to show the goals and priorities of the organization. This enables long term planning which will enable the organization achieve its goals. In order to be able to determine all the expenses and the income received the financial reports plus records should be submitted to the financial committee at all the time. The panel should not rely upon the verbal reports of the manager, accountant or the bookkeeper as the main source of financial details.

All the sources of income to the business entity should periodically hand in income and expenses budget to the panel. If examinations show other commitments hat are past due then their own payment plan should be incorporated in the budget. All the expenses and incomes should be budgeted for conservatively and realistically. Any additional funds should be put away in order to cater for future needs how the organization might face. It may be on operational expenditure or repair/capital utilization.

If the entity is a school then your finance committee should be having all the copies of the whole budget from the school. This helps to determine the amount of money how the school needs and the amount of money it could be able to get from its sources. After the finance committee has gone through all the projections of income and the costs from all the various departments and the organization should be in a position to develop a spending budget that caters for all the needs of the organization effectively. If the committee can not be in a position to achieve this it should then come up with other alternatives that will balance all of the needs of the organization. These options may be things like fund raising events, giving willingly, sharing of equipments between departments and revaluating the advantages of new equipments.

The budget should be balanced between the organizations goals and goals. The financial trading year budget should be prepared and approved by the finance committee who has the final authorization authority. The budget should then become at the disposal of all the members from the organization.

Cash management budgeting. This requires the anticipation of revenue and expenses monthly allowing planned costs to reduce cash flow problems. The institutions cash should be in balance with the expenditure of the month.
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Cash greater than three months should be invested. Bank amounts on commercial banks should not be over 100, 000 as more funds compared to this are not federally insured. Mortgage funds are some how safe with regard to organizational or institutional funds. To control cash in the proper manner the organist ion should have proper knowledge of the organizations expenses and planning for the usage of money in the right and appropriate method.

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